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Integrated Marketing Association

By Marco Marini

Email List Building Basics: Four Tips Every Newbie Email Marketing Must Know

Email list building challenges all email marketers, from the newbie to the expert, because we’re all pushed to grow that list, grow that list. And that list growth does matter. In fact, it’s important to increase the size of your email for two reasons. One, the more potential customers you have the more potential sales […]

By Shawn Elledge

And Marketers Were Worried About Millennials Taking Over

For years I’ve heard tales about how companies are going to be in big trouble when the Baby Boomer marketing pros retire, leaving behind a bunch of undisciplined “kids” a/k/a Millennials, who understood nothing about marketing best practices let alone branding. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in the coming years and as […]

By Daniel Perry

Are Your Best Reps Leaving for Greener Pastures?

What’s behind the revolving door? At high-turnover organizations, sales reps are overworked and overwhelmed. They spend more time managing relationships than they do selling. They aren’t getting quality leads; They aren’t tuned into their buyers. They’re under-performing, and their morale is low. As a resource, download our 10th annual workbook, How to Make Your Number in 2017. Review […]

By Dennis Yu

Three Nightmare Clients to Avoid

This morning, a digital marketer at a company I won’t name pinged me on FB messenger for “just a minute” to help him with something. It was the 3rd time I’ve dropped what I was doing to help him. I finally replied, “You know I do this for a living, right?”, and he was taken […]

By Shelly Kramer

The Role Mobile Plays in In-Store Sales [Report]

You would be hard pressed to find a marketer who doesn’t have at least some understanding of the positive influence that mobile ads can have on their in-store sales. But how do they measure the return on their online activity in terms of their offline sales uplift? How can they have confidence that mobile ads […]

By Paula Chiocchi

Two Simple Steps to Win More Customers with B2B Email Marketing

We’re closing in on the halfway mark for 2017. Are your B2B email campaigns delivering the results you set out to achieve? Now is the time to make any necessary course corrections to stay on track for the rest of the year. If your focus is growing your customer base, the changes you make may […]

By Paul Gebel

Jobs to Be Done…Continuously

A Brief History: The Jobs To Be Done framework’s star is on the rise. Clayton Christensen, venerated HBS professor, seems to have coined the term as early as 2005 in his white paper, “Marketing Malpractice.” As of later, the leading proponent of the philosophy has been a product innovator named, Alan Klement. He’s published numerous thought provoking […]

By Tom Pick

Influencer Marketing on Any Budget: Eight Steps to Develop Your Campaign

The beginning of the year brought the usual deluge of posts about trends and predictions for marketing in 2017. A common trend across quite a number of these posts—including pieces from Forbes, Entrepreneur, NewCo Shift, and AdWeek—was increased use of influencer marketing. It’s little surprise why. As noted in Forbes, influencer recommendations have more impact […]

By Paula Chiocchi

Six Simple Keys to B2B Email Segmentation Success

When it comes to B2B email marketing success, it’s all about delivering the right offer, at the right time to the right people. While this is always easier said than done, the practice of list segmentation can be used to significantly increase your chances of success. By narrowing your focus and sending targeted messages to […]

By Rick Altman

Don’t Say That! Six Things Presenters Should Never Say

The digital world is littered with articles with titles similar to this one. A Google search turns up 750,000 of them. And most of them offer good advice, albeit a bit redundant. Just about all of them warn against calling attention to your having run out of time, asking for the audience to cut you […]

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