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Integrated Marketing Association

Integrated Marketing Association

By Rick Altman

Are Protesters like Presenters?

If so, they are failing I grew up near Stanford University in the 1960s and I remember my mother taking me on campus for protests and marches against our country’s involvement in the Vietnam War. She likes to tell the story of one late-October gathering in which the chant of “Peace now” gradually morphed into […]

By Aaron Lee

6 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy is Totally Failing [and how to fix that]

I get emails almost every week from bloggers and writers who are frustrated at how content marketing strategies don’t seem to work. Some are even on the verge of giving up. Their email would start with something like: “I’ve been blogging for the past six months, and I’m not getting traffic, shares, and leads.’ or […]

By Aaron Lee

How To Use User Generated Content to Get More Instagram Followers

Do you want to get more Instagram followers? Who doesn’t? Here’s the good news, Instagram is still a great and easy platform to increase followers. A question I get a lot from businesses is: How do I get more followers and what should I be posting? Many make the mistake of only posting quotes thinking […]

By Tom Pick

Marketing Technology Isn’t a Stack—It’s a Matrix

The universe of marketing technology tools and apps is exploding. The number of marketing technology vendors tracked by Scott Brinker, a.k.a. @chiefmartec on Twitter, has surged from 150 to nearly 4,000 in the past six years. Though the flood of new entrants has significantly outpaced consolidation activity so far, merger and acquisition activity is picking […]

By Autumn Rivers

How to Choose Which Tweets to Promote on Twitter

If you’re marketing your brand on Twitter, you’ll want to try out promoted tweets to get more views and engagement for your posts. These tweets appear in the timeline of Twitter users, ensuring that even people who are not following your page see them. You pay per engagement, which means you pay each time someone […]

By Shelly Kramer

The B2B Content Syndication Report

The modern B2B marketer rightly recognizes the power of quality content to educate, inform, and ultimately engage with their target customers as a key part of their lead generation strategy. However good it might be, the impact of content will be severely limited if it’s only available within the narrow confines of an organization’s own […]

By Anna Bennett

3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog: Part 2

In Part 1 of How to Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog I explained the importance of the following: Install the save button to the main image featured in your blog so any potential customers who find your blog can add your image to their Pinterest profile. Install the Pinterest board widgets […]

By Shawn Elledge

StatReport: Mobile’s Impact on Email Marketing 

I believe email marketing is important, and I often discuss the role it should play in your business toolkit. I’ve written about how to craft the perfect email and send it to the right people at the right time. With little overhead and exponential gains, all businesses should focus energy on their email marketing campaigns. […]

By Bill Napier

The Marketing to Millennials Myth – Dissected

I’ve been meaning to write my thoughts on this for a while, but Warren Shoulberg of Home & Textiles Today beat me to it, on January 30th, 2017.. Warren’s blog was titled “Perennial Millennials” and can be read HERE. His blog is focused more on those Millennials that are living at home and are essentially NOT targets of the home […]

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