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Social Media

By Eric Vidal

2017 Digital Trends and Performance Across Digital Channels

Merkle just released its Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2017. If you plan to engage in any sort of digital marketing this year, you will benefit from going through this report and its key findings. Since 2011, Merkle has been releasing this report every quarter to give marketers an idea of the latest stats on everything […]

By Eric Vidal

New Data Reveals Americans are Conducting Online Searches While Shopping—What That Means for Marketers

Destination: purchase. First stop: search engine. Shoppers are researching extensively to find exactly what they’re looking for before purchasing—and online searching plays a hugely prominent role in this process. To compete, your presence online must be fine-tuned to reach those searching for what you have when they want it. SearchDex, an SEO and digital brand […]

By David Boutin

3 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid Like a Phone Call from “Unknown”

You feel your cell phone vibrating in your pocket, pull it out, and see the dreaded “Unknown” on the caller ID. The vigor with which you decline that call should be roughly the same as the vigor with which you need to avoid the following three Twitter marketing mistakes. Picking up that call can be […]

By Misty McPadden

How to Get the Most Out of Twitter Using Lists

Today’s consumers are connected, mobile creatures—and, it turns out, many of them are on Twitter. In fact, with around 320 million monthly active users, Twitter is the third most commonly accessed social network behind Facebook and Instagram. If you want to have a robust social strategy that delivers measurable ROI, odds are you’ve invested in […]

By Shawn Elledge

Social Media

Social media describes a host of websites, apps, or other platforms built around social networking and online communication. When engaging in social media, users create profiles through which they can post, share, and create content of various types. In addition, they can interact with friends, family, groups, and brands. It’s the latter—that interaction with brands—that […]

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