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Relationship Marketing

By Dennis Yu

Why You Can’t Buy Your Way Out of a Bad Review

Recently I received an email trying to sell me on “reputation management”: If you’re not familiar, these types offer relief from a bad review on websites like Rip Off Report, Glassdoor, and Pissed Consumer — sites rife for abuse for anyone with an axe to grind against an individual or company. But these “reputation management” […]

By Akshata Mehta

Cultural Considerations in Marketing Strategies

In today’s extremely globalized world, it is imperative to consider any marketing and sales strategy from a cultural perspective. Thomas Friedman, in his book, The World is Flat outlines three stages of globalization. He writes “In Globalization 1.0, which began around 1492, the world went from size large to size medium. In Globalization 2.0, the […]

By Shawn Elledge

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing places an emphasis on building customer loyalty by engaging customers and keeping them satisfied for the long term, instead of focusing on short-term aims like bringing in new customers and making sales. Relationship marketing is a newer strategy that has grown thanks to social media. It’s unique because it places much greater value […]

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