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Mobile Marketing

By Shelly Kramer

11 Tactics to Power Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Want to reach your customers and prospective customers today? They’re on their phones. With data showing we spend on average five hours total per day on our devices (up 20% from Q4 2015), we’re all on our phones, and we definitely don’t leave home without them. With all these people on devices, having a mobile […]

By Steve Randazzo

Three Goal-Setting Tips to Fuel Your Next Mobile Tour

When I was young and carefree, I loved taking long road trips to nowhere in particular. Nothing felt more liberating than an open road full of possibilities. I’d just get into my car and drive for hours until I found a landmark or town worth visiting. But today, as the leader of an experiential marketing agency, […]

By Shelly Kramer

The Role Mobile Plays in In-Store Sales [Report]

You would be hard pressed to find a marketer who doesn’t have at least some understanding of the positive influence that mobile ads can have on their in-store sales. But how do they measure the return on their online activity in terms of their offline sales uplift? How can they have confidence that mobile ads […]

By Shelly Kramer

Struggling With the Mobile Mind Shift of Consumers? Here’s How to Fix It.

We know smartphone usage is skyrocketing, but new data has shed light on what could be described as marketers’ Achilles heel: how to meet customers’ expectations in this increasingly mobile world. The pain point is that mobile hasn’t simply just changed where consumers are shopping, but it has also changed their collective attitude about what […]

By Shawn Elledge

Mobile Marketing

Marketing campaigns delivered on mobile devices constitute the strategy known as mobile marketing. The advent of smartphones, tablets, and wearables gives marketers the opportunity to reach consumers on-the-go, wherever they spend time. From sending location-based messages to creating a responsive website, mobile marketing strategies include a wide variety of tactics, channels, and delivery formats. Several […]

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