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By Aaron Lee

How To Use User Generated Content to Get More Instagram Followers

Do you want to get more Instagram followers? Who doesn’t? Here’s the good news, Instagram is still a great and easy platform to increase followers. A question I get a lot from businesses is: How do I get more followers and what should I be posting? Many make the mistake of only posting quotes thinking […]

By Shelly Kramer

How to Use Instagram in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Social media is to marketing as a good wine is to the right cheese: They can function on their own, but they’re so much better when strategically paired together. Today, social sharing is the crux of many content initiatives, Facebook retargeting opens doors for enterprise organizations and SMBs alike, and LinkedIn has even taken steps […]

By Shawn Elledge


Instagram is a visual social networking platform designed for mobile. Launched in 2010 and purchased by Facebook for one billion dollars in 2012, and it now has 500 million users, 59 percent of whom log in daily. While Instagram can be accessed via a web browser on a computer, users are only permitted to upload […]

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