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By Shawn Elledge

Email Marketing Best Practices for Deliverability

Make sure your emails are reaching your customers! Here are some best practices for email deliverability to help you avoid the spam folder.               

By Talia Wolf

Behind the Scenes: How we Write Emails that Convert

It’s morning. You grab a cup of coffee (or tea, if you’re anything like me) and you open your inbox. Big Mistake. (closes laptop immediately – hope it self-destructs), DOZENS of emails. Some are from clients or a colleague or two… the majority though, are from various businesses trying to get you to open their emails. […]

By Eric Vidal

The Giant Email Marketing Statistics Guide

It’s not a new craze sweeping the nation – it’s just a rock-solid, time-tested method to keep your customers hooked and coming back for more. With the help of this epic infographic, you are about to witness how effective email marketing statistics can truly change your business. So, stick around and grab some snacks, because […]

By Marco Marini

Master A/B Split Testing (and Email Marketing ROI) With This Simple Plan

“Out of sight, out of mind” is sadly a little too true when it comes to email marketing, especially when people are new to it. It’s easy to send a campaign out and not really give it another thought as everyone’s attention quickly switches to the next campaign that needs to get pulled together. Everyone’s […]

By Shawn Elledge

How Dynamic Email Targeting Will Change Everything

Email marketing, once viewed as something of a pioneer in segmentation and personalization, has largely remained an essential, if unexciting part of the marketer’s toolbox, despite the disruptive innovation that we have seen in other marketing channels. Now though, email looks set to take center stage once again as marketers explore how to use real-time […]

By Marco Marini

Email List Building Basics: Four Tips Every Newbie Email Marketing Must Know

Email list building challenges all email marketers, from the newbie to the expert, because we’re all pushed to grow that list, grow that list. And that list growth does matter. In fact, it’s important to increase the size of your email for two reasons. One, the more potential customers you have the more potential sales […]

By Paula Chiocchi

Two Simple Steps to Win More Customers with B2B Email Marketing

We’re closing in on the halfway mark for 2017. Are your B2B email campaigns delivering the results you set out to achieve? Now is the time to make any necessary course corrections to stay on track for the rest of the year. If your focus is growing your customer base, the changes you make may […]

By Paula Chiocchi

Six Simple Keys to B2B Email Segmentation Success

When it comes to B2B email marketing success, it’s all about delivering the right offer, at the right time to the right people. While this is always easier said than done, the practice of list segmentation can be used to significantly increase your chances of success. By narrowing your focus and sending targeted messages to […]

By Shawn Elledge

Email Marketing is Alive and Well as Volumes Increase and Kinetic Excites [Report]

Despite being one of the Internet’s oldest forms of marketing communication, email is very far from dying out according to the latest Email Marketing Benchmark Report from Experian. In fact, email marketing appears to be alive and kicking with increased volumes, stable engagement rates, and the introduction of innovative kinetic content techniques, suggesting an exciting […]

By Paula Chiocchi

Five Steps for Turning Email Prospects into Paying Customers

A study published on as well as other leading online publications revealed that a whopping 71 percent of internet leads are never contacted. What’s the cause? There are a variety of reasons for these disappointing numbers, and we won’t go into the “why” but can instead offer tips on how you can get the […]

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