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Conversion Optimization

By Marco Marini

Eight Tips for Driving More Action with Your Call to Action

You’ve agonized over your subject line. Your offer is spot on. You’ve segmented your lists so you know this email is going to just the right audience. But have you put enough effort into the ask, what we call the “call to action”? If not, you are jeopardizing all the other work you’ve done. Ways […]

By Daniel Newman

Brands That Take a Stand: Lessons in Attracting New Customers

Branding and activism: two sides of the same coin? Just as today’s digital revolution has brought companies closer to their customers, it’s also bringing the “real world” into every company’s marketing sphere. In a global marketplace, many businesses are finding it difficult to avoid world issues like discrimination and human rights abuses. And now more […]

By Fred Beer

Four Sins of Customer Experience

Customer experience is the key to sustainable differentiation of a product or service. Specific features, pricing, quality, and speed to market can and will be copied by your competition. However, the customer experience is far more difficult to replicate. Take the experience that Starbucks patrons have come to expect, or that of advocates for Apple. […]

By Shawn Elledge

Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization, also called conversion rate optimization (CRO), describes a web marketing technique aimed at increasing the number of website visitors who convert into customers or satisfy other specific success metrics, also known as key performance indicators (KPIs). Besides making a purchase, other desired conversion metrics can include actions such as subscribing to receive further […]

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