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Community Marketing

By Tom Pick

How to Build a Thriving Customer Community for Your Brand

A growing number of companies are building their own dedicated online customer communities. Innovative new tools enable companies to expand their online customer support portals into dedicated social networks, where company employees and customers can ask and answer questions, share information, get product updates, plan events, and more—without the downsides of using a public social […]

By Hunter Montgomery

Today’s Online Communities Are at the Heart of a Great Integrated Marketing Program

Online communities, which began just as a simple way to give your customers a way to share information online, have been transformed into robust and active communities that have the power to impact all aspects of your marketing program. Don’t underestimate what a powerful tool it can be. This doesn’t mean you should use it […]

By Shawn Elledge

Community Marketing

When brands encourage target market members/customers to come together in a community setting and market their brands, they are engaging in community marketing. Leveraging the social media and other digital forums, businesses can use this strategy to both reward existing customers for their loyalty and drive organic, customer-driven marketing activities. Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn serve […]

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