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By Jen Havice

How to Build a High Converting Sales Funnel with Copy Your Customers Will Love

A little before my birthday, I found this in my inbox: I get sucked in by the cupcake and the coupon code. My lizard brain takes over… or maybe it’s my stomach. Don’t tell me this hasn’t happened to you before. Sure, the copy doesn’t tell me anything about this company, how to apply the […]

By Carlos Hidalgo

Are Your Customers Experiencing Your Brand Promise?

Ever feel like brands give you the bait and switch? You engage with a brand, visit their website, consume their content, and with each interaction your affinity for the brand grows. Then comes the moment of truth . . . you buy their product or service and the experience does not live up to the […]

By Laura Patterson

Is Your Brand Momentum Big Enough to Spur Growth?

With the emphasis on demand generation, attribution, and account-based marketing, it may feel as if brand has taken a back seat. In today’s world of deteriorating product brand power, rising perceptions of parity products, reduced employee and customer loyalty, and increasing competition, it may be worthwhile to renew your focus on brand.  Many organizations have […]

By Mark Addicks

How Marketers Can Win in the Learning Economy 

Americans may be more diverse than ever before, but there is one area a majority of the population is gravitating towards—learning. According to Pew Research Center, 74% of American adults consider themselves to be “personal learners.” By contrast, 49% of Americans consider themselves to be football fans. From the explosion of DIY television to 1 in 3 millennials […]

By Shawn Elledge

Your Business Needs a Laser Focus on the Learning Economy—Here’s Why

Thanks in large part to the mobile mind shift of consumers and the anywhere/anytime availability of information, customers today aren’t exactly struggling to find what they need online. Rather, it’s often so available that they’re keen to ignore the “noise” of pitches and traditional ads in favor of content that informs and engages. (Thirty-two percent […]

By Tim Arnold


“The Marketing Dictionary for the 21st Century” (Robert W. Bly, Motivational Press, 2016) defines a brand as: “The label, name, term, design, or symbol by which a product is identified, where the characteristics and personality of a particular product are recognizable, and a product made and marketed under a specific name by a specific company. E.g. Tide laundry detergent.” […]

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