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B2B Marketing

By Shelly Kramer

The Changing Role of the CMO: From Order Taker to Growth Driver

Today’s CMOs are dramatically different than CMOs of a decade ago. Today’s CMOs have a seat at the table when it comes to core business decisions, things like embracing and driving digital transformation, formulating and implementing growth strategies, technology adoption, forecasting revenue outlook, developing pipeline management strategies, and the like. Heavily invested in business decisions, […]

By Shawn Elledge

3 Things Every Business Needs to be Successful

I have worked with hundreds of companies over the course of my 28+ year career. During the first 10 years of my career, I had my own business before I started consulting other businesses on how to be more effective. Out of all my years of experience, there has been one thing that has remained […]

By Shawn Elledge

Rebelmail Launches Interactive Email API

Email is still a huge tool for businesses—that’s a fact—and there is plenty to discuss on the subject of email marketing, especially as it relates to mobile. Now, there’s even more to talk about: Rebelmail, a vendor specializing in interactive email, has released Rebelmail API—a move that could widen your realm of email marketing possibilities. […]

By Rick Altman

Don’t Say That!

Six Things Presenters Should Never Say The digital world is littered with articles with titles similar to this one. A Google search turns up 750,000 of them. And most of them offer good advice, albeit a bit redundant. Just about all of them warn against calling attention to your having run out of time, asking […]

By Shelly Kramer

How to Grow Your B2B Business with Actionable Insights from Big Data

While the buzz around big data seems relatively new, big data has actually been around for years. Decades, even. So why all the hype now? Although it has a long history, before we had computers, software, and the internet at our fingertips, collecting and managing big data—much less analyzing and implementing it—was a monumental manual […]

By Shelly Kramer

Multi-touch Marketing and How Social Media Impacts the Customer Journey

We all know that each individual’s customer journey: that path from awareness to purchase, is unique, and social media can definitely have an impact on that journey. And understanding multi-touch marketing and the role that different social media channels play is key for marketers. For some products, those with a simple value proposition—say, beer, for […]

By Misty McPadden

How to Get the Most Out of Twitter Using Lists

Today’s consumers are connected, mobile creatures—and, it turns out, many of them are on Twitter. In fact, with around 320 million monthly active users, Twitter is the third most commonly accessed social network behind Facebook and Instagram. If you want to have a robust social strategy that delivers measurable ROI, odds are you’ve invested in […]

By Shelly Kramer

Marketing Smarter: How to Use Data to Grow Your B2B Business

Everywhere you turn it seems as though people are tossing the term “Big Data” about and if you’re a small to midsize business, you might well be thinking that Big Data is too big (and likely too expensive) to benefit you and your business. If you’re a B2B business owner or marketer, chances are good […]

By Shawn Elledge

Three Types of Data Every Company Needs

The constant stream of data that surrounds us today undoubtedly has the capacity to transform the way that we do business. We have access to unprecedented amounts of information about our target accounts/companies, prospects, and our competitors, which has the power to drive businesses forward in ways that we could have scarcely dreamt about just […]

By Shawn Elledge

B2B Marketing

B2B, business-to-business, marketing includes all the marketing activities product and service providers use to attract prospects in the business world. A business can either market to another business (B2B) or directly to a consumer (B2C). The two approaches require very different tactics. In some cases, a B2B business may engage in both types of marketing(B2B […]

By Shawn Elledge

Content Marketing on a Budget: 9 Tools You Should Use

We all know that content is an important part of just about any marketing strategy, and it’s especially important when it comes to your lead gen efforts.. In fact, according to a recent study from MarketCrest , nine out of every ten marketing agencies rate content marketing as a hugely successful part of their overall […]

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