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Integrated Marketing Association

Integrated Marketing Association

By Nick Jaworski

Five Words of Warning for Corporate America: How Big Data Lost Us the Vietnam War

Despite being involved in a number of subsequent wars, the Vietnam War remains one of the most vivid and painful memories of a war waged by Americans abroad. After victory in WWI and WWII, this was America’s biggest defeat, causing extensive rifts within the country itself. While there are certainly many factors that led to […]

By Hunter Montgomery

Today’s Online Communities Are at the Heart of a Great Integrated Marketing Program

Online communities, which began just as a simple way to give your customers a way to share information online, have been transformed into robust and active communities that have the power to impact all aspects of your marketing program. Don’t underestimate what a powerful tool it can be. This doesn’t mean you should use it […]

By Christina Hawatmeh

Let’s Talk About the Underdog: How Micro-Influencers Boost Your Brand

Celebrity influencers are the obvious go-to for the big brands that can afford them. But with their hyper-segmented audiences, impressive engagement levels and influence in their niches, micro-influencers are now a prime choice for brands that need a boost. No matter what you think of her or her family’s empire, Instagram’s de-facto queen is 20-year-old […]

By Anna Bennett

How to Avoid Making the 14 Biggest Mistakes on Pinterest (Part 2)

One of the biggest mistakes I see being made repeatedly on Pinterest is that users ignore crafting eye grabbing, attention sucking optimized pin descriptions. At the end of the day you want your pinning activities to drive more traffic to your website, right? Without traffic, there’s no sale. I often just see hashtags (BTW, please […]

By Daniel Newman

Brands That Take a Stand: Lessons in Attracting New Customers

Branding and activism: two sides of the same coin? Just as today’s digital revolution has brought companies closer to their customers, it’s also bringing the “real world” into every company’s marketing sphere. In a global marketplace, many businesses are finding it difficult to avoid world issues like discrimination and human rights abuses. And now more […]

By Shelly Kramer

Women in Business: Driving Innovation in Senior Leadership

I had the opportunity to moderate a panel discussion at the recent PegaWorld event, on the topic of how women in business are driving innovation in senior leadership. PegaWorld, an annual event put on by software company Pega, is designed to bring together business and technical visionaries from the world’s leading companies. My panelists certainly represented […]

By Shawn Elledge

Why Personalization and Adaptability Are Key in Marketing

Data is a hot topic in marketing right now and with good reason. Never before has there been such a plentiful supply of rich data, and never before has there been such an array of technology to crunch the numbers and give us insights into the lives of consumers. But therein lies the challenge for […]

By Shawn Elledge

Total Cost of Owning a Marketing Automation Platform

Marketing automation platforms (MAP) are a useful and effective tool for generating demand for your products and services as well as quality leads. However, many businesses often rush into the adoption of a marketing automation platform without fully understanding the resources required to implement and manage such an application. Our new study—Marketing Automation Platforms: Total […]

By Laura Patterson

How to Avoid the Trap of Fake Marketing ROI

Given our focus on Marketing Performance Management and Measurement (MPM) we are privileged to engage in regular conversations with our customer and prospects about Marketing ROI. Unfortunately, although many of our customers are anticipating an illuminating conversation on the subject, we find ourselves routinely clarifying why this measurement method is far from the best way […]

By Daniel Newman

The State of Marketing Technology

Marketing is integral to any business. Traditional marketing methods still retain value, but as the world moves online, digital marketing tactics are gaining immense popularity. Maneuvering the digital marketing world can be tricky for SMEs with little tech knowledge, but with some research and understanding of the same, businesses can benefit from these tactics that […]

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